Catch Tali Sharot talking about THE OPTIMISM BIAS at one of the following events:

15th Febuary 2013: CARTA Public Symposium @ Salk Institute
6th December 2012: The Edge
11st November 2012: Ciudad De Las Ideas
1st November 2012: Salon London
20th November 2012: Association of Business Psychologists
22nd October 2012: Harvard Business School Reunion (private event)
10th September 2012: Art & Mind
9th September 2012: 5x15
6th September 2012: The Circle of European Communicators (private event)
9th August 2012: Wilderness Festival
11th July 2012: Way with Words festival
11th June 2012: Cheltenham Science Festival
15th April 2012: Cambridge Wordfest
14th March 2012: TedxHackney
6th April 2012: Edinburgh International Science Festival
12th May 2012: Bristol festival of ideas
29th March 2012: Skoll World Forum
10th March 2012: TedxObserver
8th March 2012: Words by the Water festival
1st March 2012: TED2012
22nd February 2012: Camden Arts Centre
15th February 2012: Southbank event
26th January 2012: BSA and Science London
19th January 2012: The RSA
16th January 2012: The school of Life